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An Iowa mother is warning other parents about letting people get close to their newborns after her 3-week-old daughter died from meningitis.Mariana was born to Nicole and Shane Sifrit on July 1. A week later the parents noticed their daughter was not eating and would not wake up. Within two hours, she stopped breathing and her organs began to fail, Fox News reported.

Mariana was taken to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines and diagnosed with meningitis HSV-1. It’s caused by the same herpes virus that causes cold sores. Neither parent tested positive for the virus, which means it could have come from someone who visited their baby.

“They touch her, and then she touches her mouth with her hand,” said Nicole, CNN reported.

It’s hard to determine exactly how Mariana caught the virus, but Nicole cautioned parents to be cautious when they let other people handle their babies.

My Submission:

Avoid contact with a newborn even when you have the slight infection as a flu.

Parents be vigilant to potential carriers of some obvious health hazards.

Do not castigate parents if they’re restrictive of you making physical contact with their newly born.

While not being picky try to be tactful in your approach.

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