Strategy SO1E01: Setting-Up the Company for the Companies

**[The kick-off meeting held at one of the 5 star hotels in Lagos, Nigeria, 6 professionals in their respective fields as board members forming a new company – an economist and business administrator, business psychologist, financial controller, safety consultant, supply chain management Consultant, human resource manager to set up a company of repute. Each made meaningful expert contributions to moving the new company forward]**

Edward: *[Moderates the kick-off meeting of a soon to be formed company]* I reckon you all got your files and have likely seen the agenda for our kick-off meeting. Let me express my sincere thanks for all your valuable contributions towards this meeting agenda. *[Pointing at the safety consultant]* Please give a safety brief of the facility. 

Bruce: *[Standing up]* I do this better standing up. I checked with the hotel safety manager if any safety drill is scheduled for today. There is none. *[Points at the 2 exits]* In the event of an emergency, we have the main entrance and the alternative entrance to my far right to exit the conference room. *[Gestures around towards the mustering point]* While not rushing, we take brisk walk towards the muster point walking through the lobby into the parking lot then walk straight down to your left. For your convenience, walk through the main entrance, make a left turn and an immediate left turn you’ll find the male and female urinals. 

Busola: Thanks but I didn’t get your name. 

Edward: *[Chuckles]* Ok we’ll get to that now. Let’s introduce ourselves *[Pointing at the safety consultant]* starting from you in a clockwise motion and please say a little something about yourself. 

Bruce: *[Smiles]* I’m Bruce Adaka. Safety consultant for 25 years now. I’ve been involved in safety audits with some multinational companies in the country. Also have drafted safety policies for some. 

Busola: *[Glances at everyone as she speaks]* Busola Otunla, business psychologist. My profession is not a common one but has proved beneficial in major business decisions taking by some companies that have engaged my expertise. It has been my profession for 18 years now. 

Vincent: Vincent Krotimi, I’m currently working as the financial controller of a multinational oil servicing company. Before my current engagement, I worked as supply chain manager with a leading cement manufacturing company in the country. I have 30 years working experience. 

Chinwe: Chinwe Akaikpah. Currently working as the assistant Human Resources manager of an indigenous company for 10 years now. 

Duru: I’m Duru Yunana a supply chain management consultant. I’ve been in the profession going to 32 years.  

Sophie: Sophie Ifiaka, a fresher from law school. It’s a privilege sitting in the midst of highly professional people like yourselves. I look forward to learning a lot and making my little contribution. 

Edward: Thanks everyone for your concise introductions. I’m Edward Allen-Frank. An economist and Business administrator. I have worked for a handful of companies locally and internationally. My stay in each company has always been brief more like data collation for my research in business strategies. This research has taking me 35 years. *[Gestures at Sophie]* In your file mention was made of Sophie same as she introduced herself. She is here in the capacity of taking minutes of agreements and decisions reached in our deliberations. However, if we see her as someone we’ll want to retain in the team, we’ll jointly decide and agree. 

Busola: *[Smiles]* Doing what I’m best at, she looks a young promising lady. Well that still remains my opinion. 

Edward: I know you psychological intuition is acute at that. We’ll be having coffee brakes in between but will have lunch by midday. It’s expected we’ll be out of here by 4pm. We’ll take the agenda serially and each presenter will make use of the electronic materials for presentations. Busola Otunla will handle the first part of the agenda, the company profile – Part 1 

Busola: *[Walks to stand beside the projector screen]* I’ll want to make this as interactive as it can be. Should you have questions in between my presentation please pause me and ask. *[Clears throat]* I’ll want to start the company profile from a look at the choice of company name. We all give names to our children. Sometimes when they grow up they no longer feel comfortable with the name either because their peers finds the name funny and makes jest of them or your grown child no longer feels that such name represents his or her personality any longer. Same is true of giving name to a company. It’s people that makes up the company and people gets associated with the name. So if you have a company name that your staff cannot be proud to associate with your company may be functioning but not proudly talked about. That’s a form of unpaid advert you’re missing out on. *[Paces around the conference table]* So the company name has to spark motivation in all employees. However, there is the moral and ethical aspect to a company’s name. Over the years this two tested qualities adds to the motivation in the company name. So my dear colleagues, we all have a responsibility to come up with a company name that motivates you and you feel will motivate the rest of us. Also, we should come up with a vision and mission statements each. You can look back on the overview of the function of the company in your file. *[Call for a coffee brake]* Let’s have a 10 minutes coffee brake. After the coffee brake we should have come up with company name, mission and, vision statements. 

**[Coffee brake. All quickly walk over for small chops and some coffee or tea, juice. As each return to their sit, they used the few minutes to conjure up company name, mission and vision statements.]** 

Edward: *[Call out to all]* Ok people, let’s get back to business. *[Everyone sat back on their chairs]* Busola, we’re ready to go along with you. 

Busola: Let’s approach it this way. On the screen, we’ve seven suggested company names to choose from. Let’s vote out two names that motivates us the most. So which of the seven names? 

Duru: Strategy for me is motivational  

Chinwe: I’ll go with pendulum. 

Busola: Does anyone else want to suggest another? 

Vincent: I’ll suggest we limit ourselves to these two. 

Busola: I’ll take it that we all agree. To help us narrow it down to one, I’ll have the two who recommended these name to explain what motivated them to come up with the name. Our fresher from law school recommended the name strategy. Sophie, please come forward and motivate us equally. 

Sophie: *[Walked smartly on her sharp skirt suit.]* Summarizing the company’s function, it’s all about evaluating and recommending strategies to existing and new companies. You all have wealth of experience behind you to pull this through. Your collective working experience adds to the company profile. I perceive the company properly strategized to critically analyze strategies to ascertain why an organization is failing and also be able to come up with practical strategies that an ailing organization can leverage on in a depressed economy or any other economies in the future. 

Vincent: *[Stands up with a round of applause as others in the hall joins him.]* Excellent, excellent. Although I suggested pendulum, I give it to you Sophie. Please I introduce to you all the company – Strategy Nigeria Limited. *[Continued applause]* 

Busola: *[Sophie walk back to her sit]* Thank you Sophie. Just to let you know how motivated I was I started thinking of an appropriate company logo. I thought of steps with a letter on each step spelling Strategy ascending. I’ll get a sample of it ready on display after lunch. 

Duru: *[Cutting in]* Busola, in my years of experience I reckon that choice of company logo has a psychological connotation to the overall motivational drive on employees as well as management. 

Busola: So what do you all make of the suggested logo for the company, Strategy? 

Edward: Let’s see it on the screen after lunch as you suggested then we’ll see if it’s a logo that, psychologically speaking, we’ll want to associate with. 

Busola: Thanks everyone. So let me cover the next area of company profile under my presentation. None of have asked questions thus far. 

Chinwe: *[With a reassuring nod of the head]* You presentation has been very interactive such that it doesn’t leave room for questions. 

Busola: *[Signs thumbs up]* Thanks Chinwe. Thoughtful consideration should be giving to office location, space and, aesthetics. While we’ll not at the unset think of exotic office furnitures and fittings, the ambiance in our office environment should be motivational to employees and our prospective clients. *[Walks circling the conference table before reaching her sit]* At the end of our deliberations, we’ll be divided into group of committees to carter for different responsibilities to ensure documentations and procurements are done for the smooth take off – Strategy Nigeria Limited. Thank you all once again. *[A round of applause by all as she sits]* 

Edward: *[Still applauding with the rest]* Busola, you’ve raised the stake so high *[Applaud stops]* that the rest of us cannot do anything less if not better. Next on the company profile, we’ll be looking at company officials/portfolios, the extent of our stakes/share structure and shareholders, article and memorandum of association, level of operations and regularizations, recruitment and staffing, and renumeration. 

To be continued……………… 

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