Statistic: did you knows

  1. The average age of a polar bear in the wild is 17 years
  2. The tallest mammal is the giraffe
  3. Warthogs can reach speeds of 48km/h (29mph)
  4. Warthogs live for 15 years
  5. 2 out of 5 people marry their first love
  6. 30% of people refuse to sit on a public toilet seats
  7. 45% of people use mouthwash everyday
  8. Less than 20% of shark attacks are fatal
  9. People in Iceland read more books per capita than any other country
  10. The average shower temperature is 38C (101F)
  11. The algae found in the world's oceans produces nearly 50% of the world's oxygen
  12. There are 2,598,960 possible hands in a 5 card poker game
  13. There are over 600 windows on the Empire State Building
  14. A newborn kangaroo is about 1 inch in tall
  15. A woodpecker can peck 20 times a second
  16. Catfish have over 100,000 taste buds
  17. The world's smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand
  18. England's Stonehenge is over 5,000 years old
  19. The Eiffel Tower is over 300m (984 ft) tall
  20. The Statue of Liberty weighs over 225 tons

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