Strategy SO1E03: Setting-Up the Company for the Companies (End)

**[Ongoing kick-off meeting held at one of the 5 star hotels in Lagos, Nigeria, of 6 professionals to set up a company of repute]**

Vincent: *[Stands affixed at screen]* I’m really mood struck by this. It’s obvious that Strategy Nig. Ltd has climbed up the corporate ladder already. *[Starts clapping]* Please let’s give a big round of applause for the company concept genius, Busola! *[All applauded]* Thank you all. I collated cards nominating the MD for Strategy Nig. Ltd. The most nominated person is Edward Allan-Frank. Please a round of applause.

Edward: *[Applauds as he walks to stand in front of the screen]* I am humbled by each one of you nominating me as the MD. *[Pace around the conference table]* Your input in the company is as good as mine and my input in the company is as bad as yours. My role as the managing director of Strategy Nigeria Limited is not as lord of the company but as colleague working for the common good of all. It’s a heavy privilege you all have bestowed upon me but I promise I won’t let you all down. *[Sits back on his seat]* Thanks Vincent, please continue.

Vincent: Except if there are any questions, I guess I’m done here. *[Paused for a while for likely questions before walking to his seat.]*

Edward: Thanks Vincent for such professional presentation. Let’s take a 10 minutes coffee brake. When we are back, Chinwe will take the stage for the round up presentation.

**[The coffee brake is taking with lost of consultations between all.]**

Chinwe: *[Stand at attention in front of the screen.]* I’ll stand frozen here until you all return to your seats. *[All return to sit]*

Bruce: Why do I get the feeling you’re once in the army.

Chinwe: *[Laughs and pace slowly]* For Strategy Nig Ltd, I can choose to be an army. Good to have you all back on your seats. Let me start my presentation with the advice my father gave me when I was getting married. He said, “you and your husband should always increase your family size only when you’ve cared adequately for the initial family size and you have extra fund remaining “. I’ve taking that advice beyond my family into my profession of human resourcing.

Sophie: Wow! That’s really deep.

Chinwe: *[Continue pacing circling the conference table.]* That advice had been the basis of some decisions I’ve reach in my profession. Taking the morale lesson of the advice into forming a viable company of repute, Strategy Nig. Ltd., we’ll have to keep reevaluating our overhead in proportion to our profit margin and the state of the economy.

Duru: Can you please speak our language?

Chinwe: What is the volume of overhead we need at start off? What is of the country’s economy at start off? What volume of overhead would we need in 2, 4, 5 years and on? We are the first employees of Strategy Nig. Ltd, do we want to add some more at this stage or give ourselves some couple of years before increasing overhead and to what quantity? I’ll welcome comments from you my fellow employees.

Bosula: *[Speak from her seat]* When a country’s economy is on the downside, most companies starts considering down sizing as the first option. A company has to be viable to its employees. That is employees have to feel secure, accounted for in an economic recession. So my point is, a company should increase overhead bearing in mind the event of an economic recession in relation to its profit margin. That is called proactive stratification.

Chinwe: If I understand what you mean, we should be increasing overheads such that we’ll not have to consider laying off employees as a remedy to survive economic recession. In the future we’ve to come up with strategies for companies to remain sustained in recession without down sizing.

Edward: I’ll suggest we all come up with growth progression plan of five years. We can adopt the most practical of all the suggestions.

Chinwe: Do we all agree with that? *[All answer: Yes!]* We are unanimous. The desire of most working class individual is to own a house of their own. I have experience the economic relief it brings on those who are able to achieve it. *[Lean on her seat]* Let’s perceive Strategy Nig. Ltd as a working class individual, we can achieve economic relief by owning an office premises of our own than continuous renting of office space throughout the life time of Strategy Nig. Ltd. So my question is, how long would we have to operate in rented office?

Sophie: A company my father once worked for suffered under severe manipulated office space renting cost for a very long time till the company could not function any longer.

Duru: Moving us forward, I’ll recommend we put in place 5 years plan to achieve owning an office space.

Chinwe: Do we all agree that we should own an office space? *[All answer: Yes.]* Again we’re unanimous. Is Duru’s suggestion of 5 years plan accepted or is there a contrary opinion?

Bruce: In my opinion 5 years comes around real quickly especially when you have so much activity on hand. Also we need the company to breath a sigh of relief from its kick-off stage before we start putting such huge project along with every other activity that won’t have to stop. In my opinion we should have 10 years plan starting from the 5th year of productive operation.

Chinwe: Do we appreciate Bruce’s angle of reasoning? Do we go by Bruce’s suggestion?

Duru: I personally want to agree with Bruce.

Chinwe: So do the rest of us agree with Bruce and Duru? *[They became unanimous]* So to round up, we would be divided to groups to handle different aspects in making the company an entity. Edward had already started off with the company registration so we’ll have Sophie work with you. Duru, Bosula and, Vincent you’ll carter for acquiring office location, Bruce and I will define our respective roles and tax related matters.

Sophie: Would it not be most productive for us if we set a time period when all should be ready?

Chinwe: Very appropriate Sophie. Strategies are most effective when time periods are placed and measured accordingly. Can I suggest we use the 2 months company name reservation from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as the period we all should be ready with our respective assignments. What do you all think?

Vincent: 2 months is just an ideal time period to deliver.

Chinwe: Is there anyone who feels the period is too short or too long. *[Spontaneous answer: It’s ok]* Thanks for your spontaneous unanimous answer. Please we’re free to consult with one another if we see the need to. Thank you all for your meaning full participation. *[All applauded]*

Edward: It has been fulfilled kick-off meeting. All our contributions was worth it. *[Stands and walk to the front of the screen]* Strategy is all about steps, achieving a desired goal over a long period of time. We’ll not just recommend strategies we’ll give life to the strategies. We’ll walk the strategies with the client until they perceive the viability of the strategy proffered. We’ll set measurable parameters with the client that can help review strategies within its planned period. To that end I inspired up what I will call demiStrategy, a strategy that will be strategy of all strategies to drive whatever strategies we’ll ever propose to any client. Some clients may already have a viable strategy but hadn’t the driver for it. When I saw the logo proposed by Busola, it went well with me because coincidentally it corresponded to the acronym I came up with as the name for the demiStrategy – S. T. E. P. S. STABILITY (gain mastery of your steps (goals and ambitions), T – TENACITY (keep up with the steps (goals and ambitions) despite the odds), E – ENERGY (develop physical and mental strength to achieve), P – POSTURE (body and attitude alignment), S – SIMULATE (bring the process alive in your perception). *[All applauded]*

Busola: We need to rebuild these into our mission and vision statements around this.

Edward: Busola can you Sophie work around this to as suggested. It will be helpful to have these in front of us always. We’ll need to use it as a driver for our own strategies to be sure it works. *[Lean on the conference table]* Hey! Cocktail is on me. It’s 5p.m. already, if there are no more comments or questions then let’s head to the cocktail rendezvous.

The end…….

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