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The word seduction conveys the idea of lewd intent projected by a seductress. The concept of seduction can be applied to business. Some businesses have thrived on outright lewd seduction. Think of new model car, real estate, household appliances, etc advertised by semi-nude ladies. Some bloggers have resorted to lewd seductive content to promote their blog sites. While that is actually working for some businesses, some feel it’s unethical to use lewd seduction in promoting businesses

While not wanting to get lewd, the concept of seduction can be applied creatively to the success of any business. What is the concept of seduction? Every seductress know how to enhance parts of the body that will make the most impact in lewd seduction. No matter how small it maybe until it’s developed further, it is lewdly referred to as selling point.

Businesses not driven by lewd seduction but the concept of seduction can also succeed. Let’s take a business illustrative look at the various seductive techniques and how they can be transformed into a successful business seductive techniques.

The rule of Seduction:

Lewd business seduction maybe viewed as unethical or demeaning to the feminine gender but in all it pushes the business to the desired client. So speaking of Seduction in an illustrative manner for the purpose of use of business, let’s look at 11 rules of seduction that can drive your business to next the level.

1. Never manipulate. Business manipulation has never worked well for the sustenance of any business endeavor. Imagine you bought a product whose manufacture and expiry dates have been manipulated or a certain product that is said to have certain component but never have it. It may seem to be working well at first but in the long run customers will become aware of it. Customers do not like being manipulated. It signals that the customer/client is taking for a fool. Customer relationship is not one-sided, each partner brings integrity to the table. As a result, manipulation can bring a sense of insecurity. Don’t do it.

2. Be independent. Customers/clients feels confident when they can get what is needed from the business. You don’t say you’re in a particular kind of business and you cannot deliver. No customer will like an unreliable business. Customers most often want to feel you are in business because of them. Therefore, it is important when meeting client for the first time you avoid a “no can’t do” attitude instead imbibe the “yes can do” attitude. Make offers and suggestions even product analysis. Sharing product information openly make you more interesting and exciting.

3. Be yourself. Some businesses have a better than factual business outlook. Yes it is productive to benchmark but benchmark with the right motives. Customers might be impressed a while but as soon as they find out, they are out the next door. Furthermore, mutuality is important to business seduction, so your client has to be able to count on your business. To be able to keep your clients requires openness and emotional availability. It is true that people who are open are more vulnerable; however, no risk, no reward. Don’t play games; if you play games, your client will prefer someone else.

4. Turn off your phone. That is to say give professional customized attention to each client. Always remember that no two customers/clients are the same. Make eye contact and listen actively. Client hate it when business transaction is distracted and neither focused in the moment; it’s discounting and insulting. Don’t prejudge any client. It is just rude. An important part of business seduction is to value and validate the client that has approach your business, and if you are not paying attention, you will miss your moment by giving the wrong impression.

5. Be spontaneous. Be prepared to take the need of your client beyond what is expected. This opens your business to its professional and essential self, which is the most productive your business will ever be. Let your business go through the motions of satisfying the one customer that will earn your business the vibes of business attraction. Further, taking a client personal signals an interest and cooperative attitude that is non-aggressive and says “come hither.”

6. Find the humor. A good sense of humor indicates a good personality, and there is nothing as sweet when a client senses it. Some client may decide to test that aspect of your business and can be easily put off when observed otherwise. Even when a client makes an expensive joke look for a professional way to address it.

7. Get personal. Every client desires to be accorded recognition as one who had brought income to your business. Find ways to be intimate that have special meaning for your business and your client. For example: at certain periods arrange for souvenirs, send reminders of service plans, etc. It adds to professionalism.

8. Relax. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a long quoted adage. Stress reduction is so important to business seduction. Not only should you be relaxed, but you want to have a welcoming disposition that helps your client relax with your business. This is when cocktails add value to your business. If you have problems in this area, learn to meditate, do progressive relaxation exercises, take walks, listen to music and most importantly, get enough sleep. Children are cranky when they don’t get enough sleep, and so are adults. A well-rested, stress-free person can cope with all kinds of difficult situations that may come up in business.

9. Be a good listener and show interest in your client. Some perceive certain clients as talkative. Proper for you to be the talkative. People love talking about themselves and love telling you who they are. If you are a good listener, you will hear everything. Remember: trust is based on experience. So when it’s your turn to talk, it is better to measure what you share so as not to divulge too much about your business, then you won’t feel exposed if the client is not worthy of your trust.

10. Good Hygiene. Cleanliness of your business environment is key to your clientele. Pay attention to your appearance and carriage, some call it packaging. No matter how well you portray your business, if your hygiene is offensive, you will never get an added client. And regardless of what you have heard, if you don’t take pride in your appearance, you may be dealing with insecurity or low self-esteem.

11. Body Language. Clients are also very sensitive to body language. Your body language indicates whether you are confident or not, whether you value the client or not. Be confident, smile and have a positive attitude. Don’t overdo showing an interest. If you make your interest so obvious to every client, no one will feel special, valued or valuable.

Finally, there is a fine line between patience and perseverance. Give your client a chance to be responsive — never pressure or rush the client. Business seduction is all in your head, so how you present your business is how your client will perceive your business..

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