SCRIBOLOGERY – Essence of Reading and Writing

Enormous effort and time is put forth by numerous writers to document knowledge in forms of ideas, principles, processes and procedures, laws and legislatures, reports of incidences and accidents, etc by way of writing. How much of knowledge sharing is enough?

Many who have gained knowledge and continue to gain knowledge can relate with the pains taking effort and time devoted to reading through the numerous written documented knowledge. Endeavoring to perceive the spirit behind the written knowledge and the thoughts of the writer to develop clear thinking ability. When is enough knowledge gained?

The writer delights in annotating his thoughts after carefully reading through available information on the form of knowledge intended to be written. The reader knows the value of taking note in writing the understanding gained from a well researched written material. So the reader writes as much as the writer reads.

Writing and reading enhances literacy and it is the backbone of knowledge and understanding . Reading refers to available written materials desired by readers. The extent of reading is the level of an individuals scribologeric passion for any particular written material; the relationship between passion for and written material is known as the read relationship. Writing represents preparing readable materials and making them available. The extent of writing refers to an individuals scribologeric passion for documenting readable materials. The correlation between passion for and scribologery that amounts to the volume of written materials available to readers is known as the write relationship. Passion for, therefore, is a reflection of writing and reading.

The relationship between reading and writing underlie the essence of acquiring certain forms of knowledge. With scribologery as an ability, reading and writing will always have an understanding point. How? Let us take a closer look at the concept of reading and writing.

The concept of Reading

The concept of reading is that, if all the enabling environment is present, the more you read the better ones perception increases, the less one reacts base on lack of knowledge. A wise man in bible times did say “the insight of a man certainly slows down his anger”. Reading to know understanding takes away anxious fear and concerns. On other hand, most are ascribologeric – have acquired the ability to read and write but lack the passion for it. For most, reading is occasioned by either the writing of an exam, for a project, filling out a form, going for job interview, having a religious presentation. Some did not read through school but school read through them. As a result, more and more people would have gone through school but do not appear enlightened. Most stop reading after formal education, to such individuals, reading was only to pass the lecturer’s cross examination to achieve a certificate as an indication of learning. Every society needs avid readers who will translate in writing adequate accurate knowledge of the the society.

The concept of writing

Like the concept of reading, the enabling environment has to be present. Similarly, the more you write the better ones perception increases. There are different styles of writing, it could either be as a result of local custom and culture or learned through schooling. The early stages of learning how to write is referred to as fowl scratch. I remember the days when short hand writing was the pride of office secretaries. My son in junior school keeps asking me to rate his hand writing. The computer age has taking away the beauty of skillful pen writers which was the pride of scholars in times past. For the purpose of sharing knowledge, more details should be giving to writing so as not to present a write up like the sound of a clashing cymbal. Writers preserve the culture, tradition, successes and failures, challenges and accomplishments, etc of past and present societies.

Time and Writing

Unlike the read relationship, however, the write relationship is a factor of time. Time is important to writing because writers must, but cannot always, react quickly to the ever increasing desire of readers to gain knowledge. So it is important as a writer to determine whether the time is right for certain knowledge to be shared. There are times when there is an increased desire for certain knowledge to be shared but not written about.

Let’s say there’s a sudden epidemic in a society, there will be increased desire for knowledge sharing and the scribologeric passion to understand so much about the epidemic. Every form of reading and writing at this time with worth the while. Writers will have to sense the kind of knowledge sharing that is required at this time. Putting much time and effort to write about an epidemic at the time it’s no longer there will be like bringing back the hands of time. Readers will not be desirous of such knowledge any longer. With time every form of knowledge sharing when an epidemic is totally gone will fall into general knowledge.

Writing and Reading Relationship

Now that we know the concept of writing and reading, let’s turn to an example to show how writing and reading affect perception.

Before you is a written material on certain health matter. As the reader, you may have some prior understanding of the health matter. If the writer hadn’t done careful research on the particular health matter, the reader who already has prior knowledge on the matter perceive the write up as prejudiced or one that cannot be trusted. If, however, the reader does not have prior knowledge of the health matter, the reader simply accepts the writers perception of the health matter which maybe wrong. Consequently, readers may be misled into living a life of lies and deceit.

If, however, the writer have made deliberate purposeful research on the health matter, he stands to be criticized constructively. Every constructive criticism improves the perception of the reader. The reader can perceive the relationship between his prior knowledge of the health matter and the written material before him. When writers take the thoughts and feelings of readers while writing, readers will not only sense the writers thoughts but also make the writers thought their own.


When writing and reading are clear (i.e. when the writing essence and reading essence is done passionately) the individual is said to have gained understanding. At this point, other aids to understanding must have been put to use like evaluating, rationalizing, and meditating. Thus, everyone with some level of intellect will be satisfied with the level of his/her perception.

Misunderstanding occurs when there are distortions (i.e grammatical errors in writing, unclear representation of thoughts and ideas, inadequate research on written material, etc) on the part of the writer. Similarly, misunderstanding can also occur (i.e. poor reading skill, limited diction, inability to think the thoughts of the writer) on the part of the reader. Suffice to say that both the reader and writer should think through the process of clear assimilation ability.

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