Sexuality Riddle

The sexes on occasions dialogue, analyze and, debate over disaffection for dissatisfaction of sexual gratification with their married mates. Most female have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of the mind and most male have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of physical attraction. Such understanding from sexual psychologist is good for both sexes. However, I reckon that there is an element of mind arousal for the male folks as much as there is an element of physical attraction arousal for the female folks. Or what is referred to as intersexuality.

The negative side of the sexuality awareness is that some female folks are on a rampage for sexual gratification. Some kind of awakening like “we have been deprived all this while.” It so bad that it’s not uncommon to hear female folks leaving their matrimonial homes for the singular reason that they are not getting the sexual gratification they desire. Some claim that if the male folks can flirt around the female folks can flirt around even better.

The male folks are on some tussle of the alpha male ego. It’s not uncommon to hear male folks brag about the numerous predatory sexual conquest escapades they’ve had of the feminine gender. It’s so saddening that this is even shared on social medias indiscriminately. Call it war of the sexes if you like.

Sexuality riddle in marriages is an ongoing misunderstanding amongst couples. It could be query of who demands it first, who demands it the most, how not getting enough, how being too demanding, so on and so forth. The sexual selfish leaning of opposite sexes in marriage makes it difficult to understand the real need of each other in the sexuality riddle. So much concern is on self sexual gratification than in the sexual gratification of the other. Like the famous quote applied to the sexuality riddle “think not what sexual gratification you can get from your married partner but what sexual gratification you can give your married partner”. Suffice to say that there is more satisfaction in sexuality giving than there is in sexuality receiving. Thinking this way could be the sexuality psychological kick to restore long lost sexual drive towards a married mate. It may also boost your libido level that has been the game player in sexuality riddle amongst married couples.

MENOPAUSE – Riddle of minds and hearts

When menopause sets in (either early or late with some women), it becomes a sexuality riddle becomes a riddle of minds and hearts. The man is still keenly sexually driven while the woman is mentally and emotionally worried about the bodily changes she is coming through.  

The man has vowed loyalty to his wife so he has to tame his sexual drive.  The woman is worried she is depriving her husband sexual satisfaction. At this time the game has changed and when not played with the new rules, infidelity sets in. The woman may become a commodity from the man’s point of view. The woman (wife) may fear loosing her husband to younger contenders who may just be on the side waiting to prey on.

Another write-up on this blog will address the psychological, emotional, physiological, and complex of menopause as it impacts on marriages.

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