Prostate Gland – Male Reproductive Chamber and Mixer

The appendix at the lower end of the large intestine is viewed by many as an insignificant body part. However, when impacted it can lead to death of the large human. Like the appendix, the prostate gland at some point in time was not properly understood. The increased recurrence of prostatic in male has giving the prostate gland its required attention. Suffice to say that the prostate gland is the hub of the male reproductive system. The prostate is a muscle gland that weighs about three-fourth of an ounce (20 grams) about the size of a walnut. It surrounds the Urethra just beneath the bladder.

The prostrate gland has two major functions along with some other functions. The two major functions as it has to do with the male reproductive system is that it functions as a chamber and a mixer. Let’s examine how it functions majorly as such.

Think of a plumbing drainage system that has a two way internally built-in pumping system in its chamber. A pumping system that has the capacity to suck in fluid and at the same push out fluid. That is exactly what the prostate gland is as a reproductive chamber. It functions much like the heart that has the push and pull pumping system.

It will be proper at this point to have a cross sectional view of the prostate gland.

The main chamber or prostate capsule plays host to several internal smaller chambers divided into four zones. The transition, fibromuscular, peripheral and, central zones. There are lobes called lateral, anterior, median and, posterior lobes. There is also the ejaculatory ducts.

As a chamber, the prostate gland gets sperm pushed upwards by the testis and semen from the seminal vesicle. All of these gets sucked in by the prostate gland. These in flows are not as light as liquid. When all these fluids flow into the lobes, they need to get out for reproduction to take place. This is when the second and most important pumping aspect of the chamber goes to work. However, before that happens some form of mixing takes place in the prostate gland.

As all these fluids flows into the lobes, the prostate gland goes to work producing its own fluid that makes up about one-third of the total volume of semen and contains various enzymes, zinc and citric acid. One component of prostate fluid an enzyme called Prostate Specific Antgen (PSA) also aids in successfully liquefying sperms that are lodged in the lobes, enabling them squeezed easily to the ejaculatory duct during ejaculation. Therefore, if the prostate gland fails to produce its fluid, the fluids from the testes and the seminal vesicle can stay clogged in the lobes without reaching the ejaculatory duct. This thinning action allows sperm to swim more freely.

In as much as it’s two major functions are as a chamber and a mixer, the prostate gland has other amazing and important functions:

Sluice Valve – The prostate gland also functions like a Sluice valve. During ejaculation it blocks off urine from coming through the bladder. This explains why a male cannot have urine coming at the same time during ejaculation. On the reverse side it blocks semen from backwashing into the bladder.

Aids Sexual Satisfaction – Functioning as a pressure pump, it’s gives satisfaction during ejaculation making sex desirable to both male and female. Both male and female enjoys the pressure pumping effect of the prostate gland in different ways.

Filters Toxins – Toxins that forms in the sperm as a result of the kind of food the man feeds on are filtered off by the prostate gland. This allows optimum sperm quality for female ovary fertilization. Does it matter the volume and frequency of toxins the prostate gland is made to filter per sexual involvement? This is where the type of food a man feeds on regularly plays a major role on the health of the prostate gland. If the volume of toxin deposited in the sperm is too high, it may wreck havoc on the glands ability to filter off toxins. This may partly be a reason for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Helps with Erection – The prostate gland has erection nerves that triggers the penis to swell and harden with extra blood flow into it during sexual arousal. When these nerves gets damaged, it will be difficult for the man to have and hold erection. Excess toxins may have damaging effect on the prostate gland erection nerves.

Vacuum Clean – The prostatic secretions helps protect the Urethra from urinary track infection. This explains why women have urinary track infection than male.

Regulates and helps Produce Testosterones – 5-Alpa-reductase is a very important enzyme produced by the prostate gland that converts testosterone in the body to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone functions partly for the male sexual drive and function. Build up of toxin in the prostate gland can affect the production of this enzyme, which is responsible for declining sex drive in men as they age.

Every man concerned about maintaining a healthy heart should also be concerned about maintaining a healthy prostate gland. These two organs have functionality similar to each other. They are almost shaped alike. Just as the heart pumps out and pulls in blood, the prostate gland pumps out mixed up reproductive fluids and pulls in reproductive fluid. We can visualize the prostate gland beating like the heart during sexual intercourse but not as constant as the heart.

The health of the prostate should be every man’s concern and should not be overlooked for continues and rewarding reproductive live:

Prostate Gland Awareness – The very first step to healthy prostate gland is prostate awareness. What a male knows about the prostate gland should be the driving force to keeping the gland healthy. It is not enough to come up with therapeutic approach on how to manage prostatic but the thought should be outright avoidance. Think of the various campaign for breast cancer awareness as the starting point of fighting breast cancer. Similar viral approach is also needed with regards to prostatic. Who is to lead the campaign? Fathers to sons, male health forums, presentations to male students at schools. Every male with the right form of knowledge regarding prostatic problems should consider walking the talk.

Food Residuals – Food that have lost their organic nature, synthesized by chemicals to enhance or increase production and pesticides for pest control has lots of toxin residuals in them. Unfortunately mechanized farming is synthesized farming. That is to say we cannot avoid having toxins in most of our foods. Even fruits and vegetables that are suppose to get rid of toxins in the body are cultivated with chemicals and pesticides to aid large volume production in controlled environment. Thanks to some healthcare farms that now pay more attention to organic farming. Well even in the midst of toxic food, fruits and drinks, we can still do our best to eat and drink healthy. It will payoff well to your prostrate gland in the long run.

Ejaculation – There is conflict in medical science whether lack of ejaculation in male is a contributory factor in BPH. While the struggle in laboratories goes on, in real life experience there is clear indication that lack of ejaculation in a male is contributory factor in BPH. I know of two laboratory test situations of middle aged male whose BPH increased drastically as a result of the death of their mates. Some question to ponder: when does the male reproductive system starts producing all the reproductive fluids, is it at sexual arousal or in the act itself? If those reproductive fluids doesn’t get expelled from the prostate gland (chamber), what effect does it have on it? Can the build up of reproductive fluids increase the desire for sexual involvement in a male? Can the inner linings of the prostate get affected by the reproductive fluids that stays lodged in prostate? I know of wet dreams during teenage and adolescent years, when the prostate spew out the accumulation of reproductive fluid voluntarily with out sexual intercourse. As the male advance in years that natural process of voluntary evacuation by the prostate stops. While ejaculation does not strengthen the prostate, it is nature’s way of evacuating those useful reproductive fluids into the female for procreation.

Medication – Clinically, its known that some forms of medication impact on the prostate. While not intending to discuss such medication, I’ll just want to draw attention to a growing medication. This is the use of blood pressure control drugs. This is almost an unavoidable evil as soon as a male starts battling with recurring case of rising blood pressure. Blood pressure drugs can affect the erection nerve of the prostate. So with certain health conditions it will be difficult to maintain a healthy prostate. It maybe better to identify habits that could lead to some of such health conditions that ends up impacting the prostate.

Exercise – There is positive understanding that exercising help keep the prostate healthy. However, the next thought will be is it all forms of exercise? With the position of the prostate it maybe hard to tell which exercise can really get to the gland other than just a general feeling of wellness out of an active life. The Kegel or pelvic floor exercise has long been an exercise thought to have healthy impact on the prostate. A new form of exercise been experimented on is the Yoga abdominal ridge exercise. This new found form of exercise may have better impact than the Kegel exercise. The abdominal ridge exercise impacts all the way through even to the genital. It is also good for women who after child birth, wants to keep the womb perk and firm. Like the prostate, the womb is also a muscle gland.

If nature’s male reproductive chamber and mixer can be perked and toned by use of exercise, it stays healthy and then able to absorb useful nutrients that allows it carry out all its functions. The blood vessels around and in it will not have to wither, allowing free radicals to thrive, starving the cells of required nourishment, causing radical cell growth. This is when cancerous growth starts to set in.

In conclusion, everything has to be done properly. Improve your personal knowledge of the prostate gland. Females can also help with such knowledge sharing with the male in their life’s i.e. father, son, husband or boyfriend. Pay good attention to the quality of meal taking. Don’t just eat a meal but one that will give you value for your general health. Avoid indiscriminate consumption of alcohol. If you’re to take any form of medication, it is better not to self medicate by buying drugs across the counter. Have doctor’s prescription and check possible side effects of such drugs even when prescribed by your doctor. Exercise helps the body to dislodge waste and toxin which is a plus for the prostate gland. If you want to get at the prostate squarely, then choose the right kind of exercise. The watch word is “keep a healthy way of living”.

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