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“That the customer is always right does not make you wrong. That which makes the customer always right is what makes you the right service provider always. Customers and service complement each other. Take service away you take away customers. Treat customers the way they should, and you put your product or service to the right customers always.”

If customer was not to be, then no business idea would have been conceived. We may conjure up a fantastic product or useful service, but it’s sustained by customers. Like a centromere in the DNA cell, the customer is the center of every business ever formulated. Just as the centromere joins the sister chromatids (chromosome) in the human DNA cells, customer joins the businessman to his products or services.

Customers look out for products or service that will satisfy their insatiable desire for quality product or service and are convinced that there are businesses out there that can satisfy these needs.

“The customer is always right” – Some may feel insulted by this phrase even contesting it out rightly as inappropriate. The customer is always right to make certain that the type of product or service will satisfy his need, that he can trust the quality of the product or service, that the price is right, and that the business can be relied on for continuity. The customer insistence on his/her right is solely based on deliverability, quality, pricing and, continuity of the desired product or service. The customer asserts his/her right in these orders:

Quality: the customer has the right to know the quality of the product or service offered. At times the way the customer ascertains this by use of question, statements, and body language may be offensive. This is when most feels disgusted at the business adage that “the customer is always right”. If you don’t agree as a business owner, why in the first place did you come up with a product or service? As a business owner, recognizing that customer is at the center of your business should be an incentive towards having customer satisfaction as mode of operation.

Pricing: This is where the customers right is placed on a scale. The customer wants the best affordable price while the business owner will not want to lose profit. As much as the customer has the right to bargain the price while the business owner has knowledge of what price retains his marginal profit, there will have to be a meeting point. When the price is right for both parties, a business deal is sealed.

Deliverability: Time is of essence in customer right. Will the product or service be delivered at the right time for it? The customer has the right to know and will insist on it. Some business owners have suffered the wrath of customers for failure to deliver at the right time for it. Customers are naturally inclined to business owners whose word can be taking when it comes to delivering at the right agreed time.

Continuity: Every customer wants to be able to walk back to their desired product or service. Its not out of place for customers asking to know if certain product or service will stand the test of time. Should a business owner, feel embarrassed when a customer by use of question directly or indirectly, in whatever way it comes, encourages you to sustain your business through whatever challenge you may face.

That as a business owner providing product or service does not mean you’ll not be a customer at one time or the other. Those who are in business to provide service or products often turn out to be the most difficult customers to deal with. Why? They know quality product and services which they now insist on as customers.

Customers do not just set out to brew up contention but simply want their right to patronize your product or service to be met with sound business acumen.

“Not make you wrong” – Acknowledging that the “customer is always right” does not make you wrong. The customer does not have knowledge of your product or service. The customer has need to be satisfied but you’re the one that will explain how your product or service satisfies such need. It’s the kind of knowledge that the customer always has the right to know.

To know the value of thinking that the “customer as always right” is for the business owner to think of himself/herself as his first customer. How will he/she want to treat himself/herself as the first customer? No business owner will be wrong on this. So, make a list of how you’ll approach yourself as your own customer to your business. This obviously will bring something to bear, the customer you’ve been to other businesses not your own. Maybe your attitude toward other businesses have wrecked the businesses you related with as a customer. So, the presence of a customer with wrecking disposition strikes frightful concern on the business owner.

You cannot be wrong as a business owner if you tolerate every customer reaction (in the form of utterances or body language) whether irate or pleased as feedback. Customers are satisfied when they observe that their feedback is taking into cognizance, with observable improvements made on their desired product or service.

“Makes you the right service provider always”Most business owner can relate with the feeling of seeing own product or service abandoned by customers for another. Truly, customers will go for product or service where the business owner have and maintain their interest. It is not the extent of adverts, as much as it might draw customers, that keeps customers with your product or service but the quality of customized attention giving that helps retain any customer.

If a business owner simply thinks that having a product or service that customers will always come for and do nothing about good customer relations, sooner or later the businessman will be become his/her own customer.

To be the “right service provider always”, think and make customers feel they are “always right”.

“Customers and service complement each other”One major function of a centromere is joining the sister chromatids. The two copies of a replicated chromosomes are called sister chromatids. This joining is at the center so the name centromere. The sister chromatids must stay joined together until its time for them to be physically pulled into the two future daughter cells.

This is the kind of fusion mind set a business owner should have with regards to customer. Customer is at the center of your product line or service and your marginal profit. Its one thing to have a good product or service, its another to have the desired customers and maintain them.

Must often than not, customers know the quality of a product or service in hindsight. Same is true of the business owner to the customer. So, both the business owner and customer need to give each other time to develop trust and integrity.

“Makes you the right product and service provider always” – Continuity of product or service is paramount to every customer. Whether a product or service will stand the test of time is contingent on the motive and drive for which any business venture is set up. Also, whether a business owner sees a place in present and future satisfaction of customers insatiable desire for quality product or service.

The mistake some business owners make is starting out with good quality product or service then drop the standard after gaining the customer base. Customers can be fooled but for a while. Customers are gained by quality but are lost when quality is compromised. That is the beginning of not being “the right service provider always”.

The tested quality of your product or service is what makes it the most sorted out for by customers. Not to be overlooked is good customer relation, making customer feel they are “always right”.

“What makes the business owner the right product or service provider always is what makes the customer always right.”

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