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““Change is said to be the only constant thing.”   That is, if nothing else happens there is bound to be change. The world was ill prepared for the obvious change we must live with imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic. Admittedly, we are ill prepared for the new social dressing, but we should embrace the need to be behind the facemask. What is behind the facemask?”


We value the role surgical facemask play in hospital theatres but ask to put on a facemask going about our daily life seem awkward, irrational and, extreme. Extreme situation requires extreme solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme situation. If as individuals or as a group, we do not understand it as such then we’ll perceive staying behind the facemask as going too far.

Something I know most of us are familiar with is the sign of solidarity we must put in place to access a protest or riot area. Most of us willingly carry with us a solidarity leaf or plant, a certain color of cloth, etc. that shows our support. Why do we willingly do that? Is it not because we could perceive the danger to our life’s if we don’t? So, the proffered solidarity sign we should carry on ourselves for the same reason that our life is in danger of COVID-19 pandemic, is the facemask. We must have seen on social media the right and safe way to use a facemask. Countries like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand took staying behind the facemask as “their lives depended on it” mindset approach. It paid off eventually. There is more behind the facemask that should make us not be coerced to stay behind it.


Concern for Others: The facemask has become a fashion line in some countries. Even so, it has not giving the right reason for which it should be worn with the COVID-19 pandemic looming globally. The greater good we can do is to be concerned and care for each other in this yet to be over pandemic. A profound way to show such concern and care is by staying behind the facemask. We’ve been educated via the internet on how long the virus survives on various surfaces. Think of it, if everyone stays behind the facemask, there will be no droplets of COVID-19 virus on surfaces. It will be contained behind the facemask.


We can rephrase John F. Kennedy’s epic inaugural words “ask not what others can do for you in COVID-19 pandemic but what you can do for others”. Must of us may not be able to reach out to everyone in our community but staying behind the facemask is a huge way to have done something for everyone.


Law Abiding Citizens: Some refuse the use of seatbelt while driving because they feel it’s the regulatory body unnecessarily imposing such. Is it the same way you feel about the regulatory requirement to be behind the facemask currently? We might fault the authorities to have not done this and that. However, are we any different from the authorities we find fault with when we are not abiding by the simple requirement to have our facemask on. We fault the authorities that they don’t care but we might be the worst for it. If we complain the authorities do not care for us now, what about we not caring for ourselves by not taking seriously or refusing to stay behind the facemask?


Support to Frontline Workers: We have knowledge of Frontline workers working restlessly, risking their lives to cob or eradicate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Staying behind facemask shows support for them. It’s like telling them that “we appreciate the sacrifice you’re making, and we are in this together”. How is that? Think of it, if anyone becomes symptomatic but has been putting on a mask, there will be no droplets on surfaces that can infect another. There will be no person to person infection because the virus is contained behind the facemask. It will surely reduce the number of persons needing to be conveyed to isolation centers.


With reduction on infected individuals, those at the frontline can give quality attention to the view infected, isolation centers will not be overrun and, the infected will get well return to their families in an environment that they did not leave any droplets of COVID-19 virus.


Extension of a Lockdown: Staying behind the facemask reminds us that the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is yet over. An authority may subscribe to a relaxed lockdown but recommends the use of a facemask when going out. Staying behind the facemask when out shows we recognize we should have been locked down at home, but we’ve been allowed to take our lockdown out of home to care for some of our basic needs.


We play down the true situation we find ourselves of a global pandemic by ignoring or refusing to stay behind the facemask.


In summary, when we stay behind the facemask,

  • We show we are concerned and care about one another.
  • We understand and value recommendations from regulatory authorities
  • We are conscious and appreciative of frontline workers risking their lives on our behalf
  • We understand our battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is yet over and that we want to keep up the fight by staying behind the facemask.


“We are at war, take the offensive to the COVID-19 virus by staying behind the facemask”.

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