The New Normal


In the first month, the first day and first daylight of 2020, the world woke up to start living the full twelve calendar months of 2020. So much plan was made, so much expectations hoped for, so much investments proposed. With all the valuable prognosis, no one anticipated the new normal in irony 2020 will bring with its initial visions across the globe. All this happening at the onset of the Twenty first Century.

We had barely started living through 2020 when reality started to dawn on countries of the sad realities that is coming to be, that globally we have been coerced to accept as the new normal. It’s a new normal in irony. It’s a new normal in irony because it impacts on our very true nature as intelligent creatures. The concept of a new normal in irony may not be new to some of us. It may not have been called a new normal in some places in the past, but certain situation may have brought changes to how group of natural humans must live their life’s.

Age of New Normal in Irony: This is not the first time that there is to be a global new normal in irony. The first world war of 1914 brought a global new normal in irony to human existence. A new normal in irony that took away the peace and security that was before the first world war. After the first world war, humans have been fighting against the new normal in irony brought on by the first world war. The new normal in irony of no longer living in peace and security but living in abject fear of the insanity that suddenly enveloped humankind, living in deprivation and starvation, living in uncertainty of what the next day will bring. These were the new normal in irony that world war one brought to bear on humanity at the onset of the Twentieth century.

While there had been regionalized epidemics before the first world war, epidemics and pandemics continued after the first world war. After the first world war, epidemics like the American polio of 1916, Spanish Flu of 1918-1920, Asian Flu of 1957-1958, the West African Ebola of 2014-2016 and, Zika Virus of 2015. There had also been pandemic such as the AIDS of 1981, H1N1 Swine Flu of 2009-2010. All these epidemics and pandemics brought new normal in irony to regions in the world that was impacted.

Epidemic and pandemic verses Famine: Some have tried to equate famine to an epidemic or a pandemic, insisting that more and more people have been dying of hunger than of any epidemic or pandemic. There is no denying the fact! It will be playing down on the severity and enormity of famine on humankind comparing it to an epidemic or a pandemic. Before any outbreak of an epidemic or a pandemic, famine had been and will remain after both stops ravaging humankind. Famine is a horrible condition on its own that should not be equated with any epidemic or pandemic. It should not be thought that famine has been normalized because of the outbreak of an epidemic or a pandemic. Outbreaks of an epidemic or a pandemic yet living through famine creates a new alarm or chronic unease in human existence.

It’s like having severe pain in a part of the body that your body adjusted to then a new set of pain is inflicted on another body part. The nerve sensors focus on the new pain transmitting it to the brain while the previous severe pain pales away momentarily. If the new pain heals the nerve sensors refocus on the previous severe pain, now transmitting it to the brain.

Famine is a severe pain in the body system of humanity. Epidemic and pandemic outbreaks are new set of pains that momentarily arrest the attention from the severe pain, famine, on the body system of humanity to manage an outbreak. An unmanaged outbreak can inadvertently bring more people to the famine list that has already grown too humongous globally.


The new normal is in irony in the sense that it is a reversal of how we as natural humans gregariously relate with each other. It will have been taking as an ill will if anyone had told us that in the twenty first century:

  • We can love but stay apart from each other,
  • We can be beautiful or handsome but have our faces masked up,
  • We can stay together but keep a predefined distance apart,
  • We can go to work and school but get decontaminated before entering the premises,
  • We can bury our dead loved ones, but we cannot be there,
  • We can worship but not at our places of worship,
  • We can have parties but limit the number in attendance,
  • We can legislate but check what other countries are doing differently or better.

Social Distancing: You want to make new friends, mingle freely with old and new acquaintance but the new normal in irony is that you must keep a predefined distance (6 feet or 1.5 meters). Sometimes emotions build up to the point that you are moved to give a hug to someone, but you should keep your hug to yourself.

It is no longer a matter of renting a large hall for elaborate receptions but the new normal in irony is that no matter the size of the hall it should not be crowded not to talk of overcrowded.

It’s no longer free for all entry at shopping malls. The new normal in irony is that shoppers are to enter shopping malls in turns in specified numbers as they are decontaminated. Also, you cannot go out shopping just when you want to as shopping days are regulated.

Clinical Wellness: There is the dread of loved ones taking ill in the pandemic with the inherent concern of exposure to the virus at hospitals and healthcare centers or of getting quarantined should the hospital be flagged as contaminated within the period of visit. The new normal in irony is to self-medicate until it becomes very critical (this is not advisable). There is also the fear of losing a loved one in death either as a result of been infected by an epidemic/pandemic virus or not because the new normal in irony is that such loved one will be buried but you will not be there.

Economic Viability: Corporate establishments and businesses desire returning to salvage the economy. While its possible but in regulated working hours and working spaces. Everyone desiring returning to work or business is allowed but be willing to go through thorough decontamination procedures. Banks can reopen but strictly adhere to regulatory requirement of social distancing and thorough decontamination procedures.

Desire to Worship: It is a natural inclination for humans to want to worship a higher being. While it is appropriate but not in a clustered-up place of worship. If it must be in a place of worship it must have clearance from regulatory body and with strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

COVID-19 and BEYOND: We are getting sensitized to accept the new normal in irony as a new global culture. Some countries have embraced it while some others are yet struggling to see the reality of the 21st century. Whether it was a conspiracy theory, or some laboratory test gone wrong, the one thing certain is that the COVID-19 pandemic is out and about globally. Some of have tried speculating on when the COVID-19 pandemic will leave of globally. Others have suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue with humanity and that we must learn to live with it. At this point there is no telling which is right or wrong. However, it might be worth the while for authorities internationally and locally to give thought to these questions:

  1. Was an appropriate burial pattern considered for the infected dead?
  2. Can COVID-19 lay dormant in carcasses or other living organisms until it has a new host?
  3. Can plants be infected if planted where the infected dead were disposed of indiscriminately?
  4. If infected dead had simply been dumped in oceans and seas, can COVID-19 stay dormant till an unsuspecting host meets it?

NEW NORMAL IN REVERSE IRONY: There is the positive side to the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Just to mention some few relative areas the COVID-19 pandemic was positive:

Lockdown: It strengthened the bond of marital and family union. Some homes where husbands and wives find it difficult to relate, they are forced to learn how do so as they must stay home together for longer hours than had been their normal way of living.

Decontamination: Those not taking personal hygiene seriously are forced to accept washing of their hands frequently and sanitizing. Some may not have been giving attention to home cleanliness but are now getting used to home cleaning and keeping self-clean.

Regulated Shopping: It put to check impulsive buying as most shopped for what is really needed not want. What is more important is anything that can sustain life not the luxuries of life. It made us manage not waste resources.

Social Distance: It kept in check those who will want to invade the privacy of others. Such individuals started learning how not to be nosing around.

War Against the New Normal: Whether we can return to how we are used to living before the COVID-19 pandemic is contingent on how completely the virus is eradicated from every nooks and crannies globally. Will there be a reawakening of COVID-19, it cannot be ascertained presently but we may well have been prepared should there be a repeat or anything like it.

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