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“If you had had to survive on a planet other than planet earth, what form of mindset will you require to keep living?  Since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic and spreading all over the countries from January 2020, our beloved planet mother earth was replaced by another planet.  Some form of planetary infusion with the DNA of the new planet stronger than that of planet earth. It has brought on a new environment, a change in the way we are used to living on planet earth”.

The first reaction to a new environment is to change the environment, not always the best.  Unwittingly, what may be important to surviving in the new environment may be destroyed before coming to realize that it was vital to survival.

Many experts say we may be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for some time until successful treatment or vaccination become widely available possibly in 2021 or beyond.  Meaning that the invasion by COVID-19 on planet earth will stay with us longer than we have ever imagined.  As intelligent humans, we are wired for survival.   We always want to find our way out of situations that makes living unpleasant for us on planet earth.

There are obvious changes nationally and internationally and we do not know what more changes we are yet to face, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  With the known and unknown changes, we all should develop a mindset to continue living in our new environment until we get back our planet as we are used to living on it.  That said, we need a systematic approach to developing the desired survival mindset.

Absorb your new Environment

At the onset of the outbreak, there was just sketchy information about the corona virus.  However, the passage of time into the pandemic has giving clear and better understanding of the virus.  The more we know the better equipped we are to survive against the virus.



Never play down on any useful information about the corona novel virus.  Some of us may have decided not to pay attention any longer.  That is self-destruct as the virus does not go away by turning a blind eye. Although with the volume of information about COVID-19, we are saddled with the responsibility of deciphering which is accurate and inaccurate.  We can lookout for couple of trusted channels of information stick to such and then use them to measure the accuracy of any other source of information.  What form of information do we need to absorb?

Nature of the virus – this has posed a major challenge to authorities monitoring the spread and treatment of those infected by the virus.  It is known that the virus keeps changing its nature.  People who recovered from the virus have spoken of varying symptoms.

Role of Secular Authority – As overwhelming as the pandemic has been to governmental authorities and regulatory bodies in every country, concerted effort is put to give a factual than better information about the virus.   Other than thinking and feeling that secular authorities are about the COVID-19 pandemic for selfish reasons, we should cooperate by implementing mandatory regulatory measures recommended to help flatten the curve of the virus until its successful eradication.

Individualistic Opinion – Everyone seem to have an opinion about the outbreak of COVID-19. Our individual opinion does not change the fact that the virus is yet to be contained and that we should not use our opinion to affect others good sense of safety against the virus.  Where possible we should help others understand the real challenge is how long we will be ready to fight back since the virus is still very much with us.


No information is too small, no information is too much.  We can find use in an information that may be perceived as useless by the majority.


Identify Fears and concerns

It is not uncommon to feel unease when taking to a new environment. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, humanity have been living life on earth like on an unidentified unfamiliar planet.  There are personal and collective fears and concerns that we should be true to. Some of the fears and concerns may have been allayed with the passage of time.  Some of our fears and concerns may not be clear to some of us.  Even so, we are not certain what further fear and concerns we have yet to face locally or internationally.


Identifying our fears and concerns is not to place us at our wits end.  We may have conquered some fears and concerns yet there can be new ones coming or the old ones resurfacing.  The fight against our fears and concerns may at times be even more than the dread of any contact with the virus.  Some fears and concerned identified are:

Loss of means of Livelihood – Most have become unemployed while some can no longer sustain their business.  This have heightened the concern for the well being of the family – feeding, sustained shelter, medical care, amongst others.

Contact with the Virus – The virus interacts on surfaces differently, some with the virus are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, while others are sick enough needing hospitalization, supplementary oxygen and the use of ventilator.  One’s contact with the virus and recovered does not guarantee contact a second time, the likelihood of suffering damage to internal organs and so survivors are not guaranteed of good health on a long-term health effect.  All of these obviously will send chills of fear down our spine.


Rationalize your Opportunities or possibilities 

One thing is certain in a new environment, there will always be something to leverage on for continued survival.  Yes, it is sympathetic that some jobs and businesses have been subdued by the COVID-19 outbreak.  However, are there new possibilities?   We need know and understand the way of survival at our reach in the new environment.  We need to understand what it takes and be prepared to implement new ideas.


Our effort at combating the virus reminds me of couple of alien invasion sci-fi movies.  At the early stages attempt is made to out do the aliens with human armory only to realize that its ineffective.  The strategy that has always worked is to study what it is about the alien that can be used against it.

Scientist are doing a good job at understanding the unique nature of virus to come up with a treatment or vaccine that can be used globally to stop the spread and rid our earth completely of COVID-19.   Until then, we are responsible to weigh our individual and collective options.

Individually we should lookout for what is allowable living through the pandemic for as long as it last.  We can engage our minds such that we can think:

  • Schools cannot reopen, can I engage in home lesson as parents will desire their children to continue learning either via electronic means or going to homes while observation the stipulated mandatory regulations.?
  • Schools cannot reopen, can all stakeholders come together and agree on practical approach for classes to resume bearing in mind the stipulated mandatory regulations? Some countries are already doing well in this direction.  Countries that did not make consultations with stakeholders to come up with proper systemic approach are reconsidering such reopening of schools.  We must come to terms with the opportunities and possibilities we must reopen schools at every level.
  • Eateries cannot reopen, can I start requesting and receiving orders online and supply to homes yet observing the stipulated mandatory regulations?
  • Gyms cannot reopen, can I do a recorded workout I want my clients to perform, share it and, encourage them to record themselves doing the same workout for the allotted time and share with a trainer who can oversee their progress?
  • Offices cannot reopen, can task and target still be delivered via alternative means? Many companies are already leveraging on working from home, staggered working hours, and still getting desired result.  Will you rather offices and production lines return to how it used to be prematurely? We all need to earn a living, but most do so with the current realities of living on planet earth. Understand the workings of the alien, COVID-19, then go about life the best practical way.
  • We want to relate with family and friends, can we create some fun via alternative means? Should we insist on being with families and friends when physically present may put them at risk of infection?  It must be very important or life and death matter to be physically present with family and friends. It is not that family and friends are loved any less checking them via alternative means.  So, when we speak of the new normal, we may not have giving thought to how far reaching it goes.
  • Political and economic policies may require readjustments to accommodate the true state of any country. Which part of the country’s life will require more attention living through the pandemic?  Can funds be reduced or redirected from governance to care for areas in life of citizens most hit by the pandemic?  How will the next budget living in pandemic, carter for the continual survival of citizens in every country.
  • We must keep engaging our thoughts as nothing that is very important should be left for till after the pandemic, when we are informed and aware it will stay with us longer than we have ever imagined.

Realign Desires and Expectations

The earlier we accept living on earth is no longer as we had always wanted to it be, the sooner we come to terms with the changes COVID-19 has brought on us.  We don’t have to stop living our life’s.  Stopping will mean accepting defeat by the alien, COVID -19.


So much desires we have of our former earth and so much expectations we have ramped up living on our former earth, but most are but a wish now.  Let’s highlight some of these desires and expectations that are but a wish now:

Socializing – It is the desire of young ladies getting married to outlandish wedding ceremonies with family, friends and, well wishers would fill the whole hall.  Regulatorily, it’s no longer practical but weddings can be done observing the mandatory regulations. Every form of gathering (funerals, places of worship, clubs, shopping malls, banking halls, etc.) is severely regulated in accordance with the changed environment.

Interpersonal relationships – Those cute and cuddly feelings that makes anyone desire to hug another should be kept in check.  We have gotten used to new methods of expressing our affections (elbow bumps, leg shakes, a courteous bow, thumbs up, a friendly smile, etc.) and it doesn’t mean we love any less.

Working Hours and Work Ethics – Regulatorily, staggered working hours is recommended where social distancing will be a challenge. More stringent cleaning of offices and work environments is required.  Most employees who desire traveling when on vacation should accept the change that vacations are not be canceled because they can no longer travel out to a choice city and place.  We all need to be open and realign our desires and expectations of what the new normal is remaining employed or still able to our businesses.

Employees working from home should develop new work etiquettes. The virtual nature can be enticing and at the same time frustrating.  Working from home brings its unique challenge that may not have been experience working from an office environment with every colleague present.  Some employees can become overly indulgent on delivering task and targets while working from home, that resumption and closure time is no longer observed.  There may be feelings that its home and I can be in front of my system working on and even at odd times.  Break periods may be viewed as impractical since its working from home.

Governance – Leaders in every country are having a hard time understanding the twist and turn of leading by the dictates of the pandemic.  Leaders should understand that governance of citizens in the pandemic is not just about politicizing but requires consciously implementing policies with experts that are not in governance.  Yes, leaders may be concerned about the political and economic stability of the nation.  Will there be political and economic stability, when all its citizens are under the pandemic?  Better to identify all stakeholders, collate and consolidate every meaningful opinion that keeps the citizenry alive in the pandemic and then strategically move the nation through the pandemic.  Living through the pandemic, a nation’s political and economic stability can be achieved through a unified approach.


Make Appropriate Changes

At some point in time it may be appropriate to make some changes in our changed environment.  However, whatever change is made should be such that keeps us sustained and affords opportunity for further changes.


Changes ranging from minor to major with regards to our deposition towards making appropriate changes:

Diet – Experts have recommended boosting our immunity by the kind of food we eat.  Many of us have become familiar with and are desirous of food and fruits with the highest Potential of Hydrogen (pH) scale. Surely advisable to keep up with diets with high pH scale living with the changes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personal Hygiene – The Ebola outbreak mandated us to do hand washing or sanitizing our hands.  Most did not feel the need to continue with such personal hygiene after the outbreak was contained. With COVID-19, personal hygiene is not to be perceived simply as an option but should be appreciated as a way of surviving in the pandemic.  Need to develop changed attitude towards personal hygiene.

Medical/Clinical Complications – Since the spread of COVID-19 a lot of medical/clinically ill persons have become withdrawing from going for routine checks for concerns of likely getting infected by the virus.  Some individuals have experienced worsened medical/clinical conditions or even lose of life.   While some are vulnerable to the outbreak, living with and not following up with recommended routine check for such life threatening medical/clinical condition is worse than any fear of contacting the virus at any medical centers.  Wise to keep up with medical appointments as usual as you work with medical personnel to avoid any contact with the virus.


We are not restricted from making changes living with the change of COVID-19 but we should not any change that places us against the pandemic prematurely.


Develop Positive Survival Mindset

Experts are saying corona virus will remain with us like malaria and typhoid.  So, its not a case of waiting for the virus to be eradicated completely from planet earth but learning how to live our life’s the new way on planet earth.  If corona virus is viewed like an alien invasion of a sci-fi movie, that we may not have to defeat but accept its dictates of how it wants to cohabit with natural inhabitants of planet earth, then we need not shut down our life’s.

TGIF Mindset COVID-19

The changes brought on by COVID-19 are real and it’s not certain how long these changes will be with us.  What is certain is we must keep living with the changes dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Endeavor to have good understanding of the changes, do not deny self of the fears and concerns but lookout for opportunities or possibilities to turn those worries into strength.  We may not get back what the pandemic had taking away from us real soon, but we can make use of what is obtainable in our changed environment.  We can make some valuable changes that keeps us alive living with the changes of COVID-19.

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