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QUOTEESSENCE:  What is your ambition in life?  This question meets majority of us ill prepared.  Everyone seems to have an ambition but it’s just the glamour and glitter of someone else’s fortune in life.  A truly ambitious person is one who envisions the procedure to an achievement and count the cost. There are more ambitious people without an ambition. Be ambitious for an ambition you truly can achieve. – Mekdanny

The sky is a beautiful blanket as a protective shield against galactical randomized harmful gasses, harmful rays and, meteorites hovering around planet earth. Agreeing that such dangers exist beyond the sky, will make going beyond the literal sky without appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) suicidal. 

However, thinking of it metaphorically, everyone desire going beyond the sky.  That is to succeed and or achieve beyond expectation.  Even though, are there metaphoric protective personal equipment (PPE) that makes going beyond the metaphoric sky possible?  The starting point is to identify your sky – Passion for an Ambition.  Secondly, measure the distance of the sky from when the sky is identified – Requirements to make an Ambition Reality.  Thirdly, trade wind to reach the sky – Capacity. Lastly, sustenance up in the sky and beyond – Resilience, Consistence and, Persistence. 

WIND TO THE SKY (Passion for an Ambition):  Desiring to reach the sky without a medium will just be a desire.  Be sure to find the medium, passion.  What catches your fancy as something inherent in you or that can be acquired and nurtured despite impending challenges? What’s on your mind that keeps you awake some nights, envisioning details to achieve certain goals, a business plan, a required personal transformation for good, academic success, etc.  The strength of your passion (medium) is what determines whether you get to the sky before aspiring beyond the sky.

What is the object of your ambition? Is the object of your ambition transient? You can’t keep focus on why you desire what you desire. Let me tell a story to buttress the importance of keeping the object of our ambition perpetual.

A man who has been in the habit of smoking for several years thought to himself that he wants to quit smoking as some of his friends had. He quitted smoking if those friends are around. He will not continue to keep such close friendship. His object of ambition to quit smoking is but transient. How does he acquire a perpetual object to develop and drive the passion to quit smoking? Identifying on himself the harmful side effects of smoking and start taking stock of positive effects of quitting smoking on his general wellness.

Certainly, having not a transient but perpetual object for whatever our ambition will give the required passion that will take is to the metaphorical sky.

“The passion to reach the sky is born out of the object of your ambition”

DISTANCE TO THE SKY (Requirements to make an Ambition Reality):   Good you have found the wind to the sky, your passion. Are you ready for takeoff? Do not jet away yet! Have you checked that you have all you require to make your ambition reality? You know what you are ambitious about, so I am not describing your ambition. However, I will analyze what is common with ambition or common requirements to making any ambition reality:   Have a grip of the sky, know your competition, and Prepare for Failure.

Have A Grip On the Sky:-  For most, identifying and having the feelings of reaching the sky with an ambition is momentary.  Forces external and internal diminishes the passion to achieve an ambition. What is it that propels your passion to your ambition?   

“There is no going beyond the sky that never had been part of the clouds”

Once found, stay gripped on the sky, understand the sky, move the sky to the next level in the clouds.

Know Your Competition: – No one has monopoly of any ambition.  Even if one is the first to bring an ambition to reality, sooner or later it becomes someone else ambition.  Depending on what you are ambitious about, your competition can be with yourself or another.  Don’t voyage off to the sky with the mindset that you dominate your ambition.  You may for a while but not for long.

“The sky expands to every voyager passionately driving for an ambition to become reality”

Every competition as you voyage to the sky is an opportunity to improve on how you get to the sky.

Prepare for Failure: – I remember a comprehension exercise during my secondary school days about the voyage of an astronaut.  The customary well wish greeting from one astronaut to another voyaging to the moon is “may your road be rough.” 

“The sky as an expanse does not embrace ambition with wide stretched out arms”    

Challenges, difficulties and, obstacle will inadvertently be on your voyage part to reach your sky.  Be open to criticism and have a learner’s mindset.  You will be mocked if you fail but dig deep within for the object of your ambition.  Do that every time you experience seeming setbacks and failures.

TRADE WIND TO REACH THE SKY (Capacity):Trade winds are air currents closer to Earth’s surface that blow from east to west near the equator.  What is your trade wind?  What is your capacity and can you keep improving?  When birds find trade winds, they soar on it, allowing the wind current to carry them up air without flapping their wings.  Identify what you have going, as your strength, in your ambition. Stay with it and keep improving on it.

The trade winds do not stay all day, so the flying birds uses it while it last.  There will be times your strength will fail you but stay in the cloud.

“Soar to the sky with the trade winds but do not depend solely on the trade winds”

Should your trade wind stop, be sure to have a backup plan to keep you up there in the clouds for you are just a wind away beyond the sky.

SUSTENANCE UP IN THE SKY AND BEYOND (Resilience, Consistence and, Persistence):As mentioned at the onset, going beyond the literal sky would be deadly without personal safety equipment (PPE).  The personal safety equipment’s required to stay in the cloud and “beyond the sky” is resilience, consistence, and persistence.

Resilience: –   Expecting challenges and difficulties is one thing but the ability to recover from it is another.  Who says reaching for the sky will be easy talk more of going beyond the sky?  When the forces in the sky come winding against you, can you withstand them? Imagine being hit by a meteorite like challenge and difficulties as you take your ambition beyond the sky.   I will leave you to personally make out what meteorite like challenges you may face in taking your ambition to the sky and beyond.

Consistence: – Whatever was the trade wind that soared your ambition to the sky, keep it on and improve on it.  It is said you don’t disband a winning team.  You didn’t just sentimentally decide to reach the sky and beyond.  You worked towards it and took definite steps that took you where you are now.  Keep up with those steps and identify even more improvement steps.

Persistence: – Continue the same routing against all odds.  You earn respect and trust when it is that against all odds, you are still seen to have reached the sky and beyond.  Staying and going beyond the metaphoric sky, whatever the ambition, doesn’t come with ease.  You need the right reason for desiring not just to reach the sky but going beyond the sky. There will be obstacles before you reach the sky.  There will be obstacles when you reach the sky.  There will be even bigger obstacles when you go beyond the sky.

“Prepare to withstand the winding obstacles understanding it is what builds capacity and resilience to your ambition”

Therefore, suffice to say it is insufficient to have the desire to reach the sky and go beyond the sky. Capacity and resilience are what takes you to the metaphoric sky, beyond the metaphoric sky and, keeps you sustained up there in the metaphoric sky.

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