“The word primitive is very often used derogatorily. However, the root word for primitive is gotten from the latin word “primus”, meaning “first”.  Primitivity is not the direct opposite of civility.

The word civility is from the latin word “civilis” relating to citizens.  Two words are combined to form the word citizen. The word “citi” in latin relates to people while the word “zen” is a Japanese pronunciation of a Chinese word, Ch’an, which comes from a Sanskrit root meaning “thought”, “absorption”, or “meditation.”  And meditation is at the heart of Zen, along with self-control and insight.

Therefore, when the word citizen is used, it merely refers to people living with the use of their intellect in a structured environment.”

Other than understanding the word primitive in a biased way, it is the inability to comprehend the intricate life pattern of any group of people. The thought of civility may ascribe an elevated view of some group of people over the other. Other than embracing such an elevated view, civility should be humbling, recognizing, and accepting what makes the other group superior to you.

Biasedly, it is embraced that primitivity is an animalistic way of living while civility is assumed to be the direct opposite.  If there is any thought of barbarism in primitivity there is also barbarism in civility.  If there is a controlled environment in civility, there is also a controlled environment in primitivity as biasedly refferred.  The word citizen equally applies to those settled in assumed primitive environment.  The word city is not just the physical structure in the environment but more of the people living in the structured environment.

 “City is not the physical structures in an environment but the people living in the structured environment”

An assumed primitive person also lives in a structured environment. That the structure of his environment is not understood does not make him derogatorily an early man lacking intelligence to survive in his structured environment.   

A relatively civilized person will at one time, or another display attituded that bespeaks primitivity in its biased inference.  An assumed primitive person at one time or another will display traits befitting a relatively civilized person.


Children born in the glass age are not educated to know that what they know as civilization started as primitivity.  In the western world, it is impressed on children that primitivity is with the black race. Even impressed so derogatorily as asserting that black race descends from monkeys.  Irrespective of race, color or skin, there was the grass age before the glass age.  If there was any descending from monkeys, which has never been the case, white and black race descended from that same monkey lineage.

“There was always the grass age before the glass age”

For this write up, primiticivility as a word, means the early stages of whatever is embraced as civilization or modernization.  Thinking back to the start of human life as derived from the word of God, the first human created on earth were placed in the garden.  Was that a structured environment? Yes!  They had natural and God giving laws, that they lived by, that made their environment structured.  We may find it difficult to comprehend what it was like living in a structured environment that is a garden packed with bushes and animals.  However, they were not void of intelligence.  How do we know?  You may want to look up the Holy Book at Genesis 2:8,19,20 to see the task giving to the first man on earth.  This is a job for someone with high intellectual capacity not an assumed bushman living in a cave.  Does it not humble you to understand that civilization started from a most humble structured environment, the Garden of Eden?

“Primiticivility – primary stages of all that is embraced as civilization or modernization”

The first human ever on earth lived in a structured environment, governed by natural and theocratic laws.  That was the early stages of whatever is embraced as civilization or modernization, primiticivility.

From this humble beginning came every primiticilivilities, as descendants of the first human pair moved from the garden of Eden to settle at various parts of the earth.  They started forming structured humanized environments wherever they settled. They lived intelligently in such structured environments.  They were citizens of whatever structured humanized environment they ever established.


At the onset of life, humans have formulated means of surviving in whatever environment life places them. They have engaged their intellect to improve standard of living, making their environment habitable. Humans engage in transforming their habitat with the use of natural resources available at their immediate environment. Humans move from environments where they are citizens to unfamiliar environments. This is done either to make the new frontiers an extension of citizenry or change citizenry completely.

This form of environmental movement brings transfer of survival codex. Survival codex was transferred during the stone ages. Survival codex continue to be transferred throughout the ages.

Let’s examine survival codices transferred during the stone, metal, glass and, computer ages so as to appreciate how humans engage and what influence their use intellect to be citizens in their humanized environment. Consideration will also be giving to the negative and positive impact of survival codex transfer.

Stone Age Era

The stone age cuts across all region where humans lived on earth irrespective of skin color or race.  Stone was the most visible natural resource and so humans engaged their intellect to design useful tools of survival using stones.  Series of earthed fossil records indicated that this period lasted for 3.4 million years.

In the stone ages, skills are improved on hueing of stones as implements for domestic, architecture and even war. Migrating humans transferred their regional survival codex in exchange for another regions. In some cases, migration leads to the conquest of another stone age region.

Regions in the stone ages became a global village with interconnectivity of transferred survival codices.  That was the only age known at the time over the world.  It was the cities known and developed within the confines of the known world in the stone age and localized skills.

Metal Age Era

The stone ages gave way to the bronze ages and then the metal ages. The iron age began around 1200 BC as humans improved skill of making steel.  The discovery of iron and humans engaging the use of intellect to survive, in their environment, gradually brought an end to the stone and bronze ages. The first sighting of iron was in Egypt, beads made of iron dated to 3200 BC and then to Europe. However, the gregarious nature of humans did not limit the iron age to Europe.  

As with the stone and bronze ages, survival codices were transferred by means of established trade routes.  A global village of iron age became apparent.

Glass Age Era or Not

It is argued whether the discovery of glass can be defined as an epoch as does stone, bronze and, metal when humanized settlements discovered them. Viewed from the perspective that glass has been present from the stone ages unknown or its use not known, it may be correct not to make epochal of glass.  Suffice to say that through the stone to metal ages, human intelligence was still modifying and remodifying glass until it became apparent and accepted in various region of humanized settlements.  Glass, like bronze and metal became permanent on humanized survival codex. These got transferred repeatedly until it made the humanized settlements a global village.  On the flip side, the methods of such survival codex transferred become rift with more of political supremacy and political gains.

Humanized settlements that have develop through these survival codices, ahead of others went on exploits to form colonies of their humanized settlements.  This brought the era of slave trade in many humanized settlements yet to be aware of the new survival codices.  These humanized settlements came with lying impression that they were never at the stage (maybe stone, bronze, or metal ages) they met these settlements.  They derogatorily referred to the stone age they ones belong as primitive.  It is Primiticivility, the begin of everything recognized as civilization.

Computer Age Era

None of us will disagree that the computer epochally changed the way humanized settlements lived their life’s, that started in the mid-20th century. Yes, computer brought in a new age!  None may want to go back to the stone ages, seeing the extent computer age has come.  However, there are yet humanized settlements unfamiliar with the computer age.  Like in the stone, bronze, and metal ages, humanized settlements continue to transfer this survival codex and harness the computer age to improve life in the global village.

The advent of computer age brought unprecedented, humanized settlements.  Science and technology took on new dimensions, commerce and economics got a new trading place, even nations have a battlefield to colonize cyber spaces.  Nations yet struggle for cyber space independence from cyber space colonial masters.

With the computer age, survival codex became intriguing, highly technical but excitingly rewarding.  

Irrespective of the era, every humanized environment had its set of rules that governed their every survival. Such rules define the standard of living in the humanized environment.


As humanized environment continue to expand, getting more technical and computerized, a new age emerge that is not regarded as an era.  It’s a form of survival codex that is tainted with the ideology of symbiotic relationship.  This is forged by the economic and political disadvantage of humanized environment considered dubbed as third world countries.  While some other humanized environments are dubbed western world.  A divide is formed amongst the established humanized environments.

Let’s reminisce in time to past ages.  As humanized environments developed in the centuries, some humanized environment developed faster to embrace the changes from era to era.  Economic and political frontiers got shaped by the extent of natural resources, humans engaging mental skills and, political stability.  These variations gave rise to the survival codex known as slave trade.  It was brutal survival codex brought on by the dubbed western world.

Slave Trade in Brief

As the eras passed by and humanized environments got separated as developed and underdeveloped, underdeveloped humanized environment became the one stop shop for developed humanized environment, to stock and restock slave labor force for numerous plantations and mining fields.

The dubbed western world infringed on the right to self-sustenance of the dubbed third world humanized environments.  This were forcefully ship lifted from their natural humanized environment as slave laborers. The dubbed western world subtly connives to replace the structure of dubbed underdeveloped humanized environments for their selfish economic and political gain.  They impose themselves as colonial masters to the dubbed underdeveloped humanized environment.  Dubbed undeveloped humanized environment naively and perpetually accepted as such. 

As some of the underdeveloped humanized environments started getting a hang of the ages, gradually moving away from the dubbed underdeveloped, they become self-determined.  Most seek independence from the dubbed colonial masters.

The term and ideology of slave trade died a natural death as more dubbed underdeveloped countries started stepping up to seek independence from their slave driving colonial masters.

Slave trade ideology died in its brutal form in the now modernized world but there is yet the divide of developed and underdeveloped or third world and western world countries. Today slave trade has taking the approach of an old wine in a new skin bottle.  There is a twist. No longer called slave trade but greener pasture.  Like the slave trade of the past era, this is also driving by economic gain to the dubbed western world.

The dubbed western humanized environment continues with its survival codex of manipulative socio-economic and pollical schemes to perpetually subjugate the dubbed third world humanized environment for their natural resources, intellectual, and manpower.

Changed Scenes

The plantations and mining fields of the far-gone eras have changed to blue chip companies.  Manipulative forceful slave driving has changed to enticing self-transferred economic slaves for greener pastures in dubbed western countries.  Dubbed third world countries glamour for self-migration to the dubbed western countries.  The dubbed western countries portend it as useful symbiotic relationship where both parties’ benefits.  Dubbed third world countries accept the derogatory treatment for what is called greener pasture.  Either way, it is survival codex for both.

“Dubbed western world has buried its claws on the back of dubbed third world countries, watching them bleed yet whispers sweet nonsense of socio-economic and political subtly into their aching ears”

Subtly, dubbed western world erode the established political, socio-economic, cultural, traditional and, religious values of dubbed third world countries.

Survival Codex

Every humanized environment has written and unwritten manuscript of survival that forms their history of survival pattern.  These survival codices have continued to shape such humanized environment even in the 21st century. Throughout the centuries, every humanized environment has relative systems of reward and punishment, economics, commerce, and social lifestyles driving by an established and acceptable political system.  Every humanized environment throughout the centuries were satisfied with the rule of law prevalent in their humanized environment, never recognized as derogatorily primitive.

It started with sincere interest to discover the lands beyond to hunger for supremacy.  Humanized environment dubbed as western world set out on exploits. Such exploits infringed on other humanized environment’s right to live by their own established and acceptable survival codex.   The exploiters insisted and manipulatively changed the established and acceptable survival codex for theirs.  This was to make life comfortable for the exploiters, though foreigners, but miserable for the exploited.

New Phase of History

In the 20th and now 21st century with the advent of computer advancement on all frontiers, dubbed western world still hunger for supremacy of dubbed third world countries.  We do not see slave ships, packed full of mangled bodies, traversing the Mediterranean seas from third world countries to western world.  Rather we see continued desire of humanized environment dubbed third world country, paying their way to the so-called greener pasture, dubbed western world. 

“Dubbed western world rebranded their primitive ways of perpetual subjugation.”

Dubbed western world countries wants to perpetually wield political, economic and, social supremacy over dubbed third world countries. Dubbed western world formulate enticing policies to pouch economically viable hands in third world countries to sustain their survival codex of utter supremacy.  Please click on this link and listen to Dr. Jacqueline Battalora on “black history revealed”.

Dubbed third world countries, although aware of the perpetual subjugation, continue to crave acceptance in abject subjugation from the dubbed western world. It is worst off for black African humanized environments. Dubbed western world formulated an extreme manipulative survival codex that is now called white supremacist theory.  This is embedded in the dubbed western world’s culture, laws, and constitution.

This keeps dubbed third world countries not only as socio-economic and political slaves in the dubbed western world humanized environment but also perpetual socio-economic and political slaves in their own dubbed third world established humanized environment.  The dubbed western world thrives in divide and dominate.  The dubbed western world has infiltrated, like the trojan horse, through some favored groups in the dubbed third world countries the survival codex of divide and dominate system.

In the dubbed third world countries, the political system remains devalued.  The dubbed western world would never accept the educational system of the dubbed third world countries to be up to standard in comparison to theirs.  Therefore, those educated in the dubbed third world countries subjected to educational qualification discrimination.  All the 17 or more years of educational record pass through the shredding machine for self-transfer as an economic slave to greener pasture in the dubbed western world. 

The socio-economic system of the dubbed third world counties remains impoverished.  By this citizens of the dubbed third world countries perpetually accept the dubbed western world as the viable place for socio-economic advantage and success.  This keeps the circle of self-transferred economic slaves to the dubbed western world in the name of in “search of greener pastures.”   

The dubbed western world’s claim to civilization, in quote, is because they won’t accept the civilization of the dubbed third world’s socio-cultural dynamism. The dubbed third world countries are perceived, in quote, as uncivilized because the dubbed western world’s claim to civilization is not inclusive.

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