The New Normal

Globally there was high expectation for the 21st century. However, little did any of the world’s best thinkers envisioned a 21st century of new normal in irony.

Behind the Facemask

“We are at war, take the offensive to the COVID-19 virus by staying behind the facemask”.

Menopause – Mind and Heart Riddle

“At the age a woman becomes symptomatic of menopause, her mind and heart become riddled. What the man in her life does with such riddled disposition determines where the relationship turns”.

Customer Centromere

Customers do not just look for product or service but desire their right to patronize product or service to be met with sound business acumen.

Iridescence of Insight

Well all desire and acquire knowledge and understanding but we but very few of us have the capacity to live the responsibility knowledge and understanding bestow on us.
How do we learn live to live the responsibility of knowledge and understanding.