Prostate Gland – Male Reproductive Chamber and Mixer

The appendix at the lower end of the large intestine is viewed by many as an insignificant body part. However, when impacted it can lead to death of the large human. Like the appendix, the prostate gland at some point in time was not properly understood. The increased recurrence of prostatic in male has giving…

Behind the Mirror

Every mirror definately reflects but what is made of the reflection is subject to many interpretations.

Strategy S01E04: Proactive Stratification

**[One Year later]** **[A normal working day at Strategy Nigeria Limited. Proffering solution to an organization in the oil and gas industry on how to optimize service delivery and increase profit in an economic recession]** Edward: *[Each peering at laptop in front of them]* You all must have looked up our client’s profile on the…

Your Head Bent Downwards

The human head weighs approximately 5kg. I get worried seeing passengers sleeping while commuting in buses or any other form of transportation that allows them sleep with their heads tilted downwards. Same is true with prolong usage hand held devices that keeps the kneck bent downwards. There are health risk factors associated with wrong head…

Sexuality Riddle

The sexes on occasions dialogue, analyze and, debate over disaffection for dissatisfaction of sexual gratification with their married mates. Most female have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of the mind and most male have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of physical attraction. Such understanding from sexual psychologist…


Word painting as an art performed by speeches can have negative or positive effect.

Policing Policy

The worst situation in any situation is to lay back doing nothing or not able to do anything about the situation. The decision to do anything is what necessitates policy. While it is appropriate to follow recognized steps in formulating and implementing policies, it only remains a step if the policy is not fit for purpose and cannot be checked against past and current situations to determine the life span (policing) of any policy.