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  • Wiggle Riddle Breath

    Cascade ideology of a breath  Scribbles smear on conscience  Flimsy gauzy strip of breath  Pushes through hollow hold Inhale exhale gusty aura Dwindle giggle breath Pulsate suspense sauna Tussle guzzle to a blight Spew Lumps of hateful trauma Wiggle riddle… Read More ›

  • The Year

    All frenzy starts the year Renewed zeal to archive  Promises and hopes without fear  Let’s face it, it’s January  Anticipation steering all over  Awaken to aspiration and dreams Yet allowance to be an archiver It’s still the start of the year,… Read More ›

  • Indemnity S01E02

    **[All 4 walked towards the table as ifin a fashion parade. Whether by attraction or in honor of the ladies, the other 2 men stood simultaneously. One of the men quickly grabbed an additional chair to make the chairs on… Read More ›

  • Indemnity S01E01

      **[In a city bustling with social activities ranging from low and middle class citizens and the crème de la crème. The presence of foreigners in the city engaged in mining black gold adds to the glitters and glamour. Three… Read More ›


    Love comes with so many words Music sings much about love in songs Drama actualize love in portrayed acts Sport spots all humankind unite Freedom ignites the feeling of hope and rest. Humanity ever searching for means of existence Existence… Read More ›