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Behind the Glare of Literacy

One with knowledge would have understanding. One that put knowledge understood to use is replete with wisdom. Knowledge is gained not just through reading and writing. Knowledge is understood and put to use through meditation, assimilation and, retention. Understanding does not come because one have studied but because one has put to use mental reflection through study. Therefore, a literate should be perceived as one who is able to function within the sphere of his/her geological and sociological environment putting to use []

SCRIBOLOGERY – Essence of Reading and Writing

Enormous effort and time is put forth by numerous writers to document knowledge in forms of ideas, principles, processes and procedures, laws and legislatures, reports of incidences and accidents, etc by way of writing. How much of knowledge sharing is enough? Many who have gained knowledge and continue to gain knowledge can relate with the pains taking effort and time devoted to reading through the numerous written documented knowledge. Endeavoring to perceive the spirit behind the written knowledge and the thoughts of []

Business Seduction

The word seduction conveys the idea of lewd intent projected by a seductress. The concept of seduction can be applied to business. Some businesses have thrived on outright lewd seduction. Think of new model car, real estate, household appliances, etc advertised by semi-nude ladies. Some bloggers have resorted to lewd seductive content to promote their blog sites. While that is actually working for some businesses, some feel it’s unethical to use lewd seduction in promoting businesses While not wanting to get lewd, []

SCRIBOLOGERY – The Ability to Read and Write

There is a compelling reason to write as much as there is a compelling reason to read. The compelling reason to write is to share knowledge while the compelling reason to read is to gain knowledge. Knowledge of economics makes us aware of concepts like “ends and scarce mean”, “forces of demand and supply”, “demand and supply curve”, equilibrium point”, and opportunity cost”. These same concepts acts up in writing and reading. The writer desires to be understood and the reader desires []

Sexuality Riddle

The sexes on occasions dialogue, analyze and, debate over disaffection for dissatisfaction of sexual gratification with their married mates. Most female have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of the mind and most male have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of physical attraction. Such understanding from sexual psychologist is good for both sexes. However, I reckon that there is an element of mind arousal for the male folks as much as there is an element []


The word positure is not in the dictionary but it's my coinage of two words ergonomically placed as they are the concept behind the science of ergonomics. The two words are position and posture. Every tools, materials and accessories are designed bearing in mind the impact on human positure ergonomics. Some redesigning has been effected when ergonomically, it's observed that a certain design will impact negatively on the human positure ergonomics The intent here is not to write about ergonomics of designs []

Prostatic Enlargement and Yoga Posture as Preventive Measure/Cure?

The pride of a woman is the beauty of femininity and sexuality her mammary gland endowed upon her. Such pride makes it emotionally challenging for any woman to come to terms with anything that will suggest lumps or cutting off anyone or two of the mammary gland. This is often times the sad consequence of breast cancer. The pride of a man is the pleasure of masculinity and sexuality his genital organ endowed upon him. Such pride makes it emotionally challenging for []