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The Job After The Loss Of A Job

“Your services are no longer required by the company”. Every economically viable individual desires to be gainfully employed and to remain productively employed till retirement. That is retirement either at the legal retirement age that is applicable in the economic… Read More ›

Pressurized Emotion

With scientific and technological advancements, we have benefited from the concept of pressurization. The benefit cuts across pressurized containers such as the foot ball played on a football pitch to a passenger airplane flying up in the sky. As beneficial… Read More ›

Behind the Glare of Literacy

One with knowledge would have understanding. One that put knowledge understood to use is replete with wisdom. Knowledge is gained not just through reading and writing. Knowledge is understood and put to use through meditation, assimilation and, retention. Understanding does… Read More ›

Business Seduction

The word seduction conveys the idea of lewd intent projected by a seductress. The concept of seduction can be applied to business. Some businesses have thrived on outright lewd seduction. Think of new model car, real estate, household appliances, etc… Read More ›


The word positure is not in the dictionary but it's my coinage of two words ergonomically placed as they are the concept behind the science of ergonomics. The two words are position and posture. Every tools, materials and accessories are… Read More ›