Menopause – Mind and Heart Riddle

“At the age a woman becomes symptomatic of menopause, her mind and heart become riddled. What the man in her life does with such riddled disposition determines where the relationship turns”.

Iridescence of Insight

Well all desire and acquire knowledge and understanding but we but very few of us have the capacity to live the responsibility knowledge and understanding bestow on us.
How do we learn live to live the responsibility of knowledge and understanding.

Sexuality Riddle

The sexes on occasions dialogue, analyze and, debate over disaffection for dissatisfaction of sexual gratification with their married mates. Most female have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of the mind and most male have been aided to identify that their sexual arousal is of physical attraction. Such understanding from sexual psychologist…

The Job After The Loss Of A Job

“Your services are no longer required by the company”. Every economically viable individual desires to be gainfully employed and to remain productively employed till retirement. That is retirement either at the legal retirement age that is applicable in the economic country gainfully employed in or to become economically self He employed. Unexpectedly, the time comes…

SCRIBOLOGERY – Information Cost

Not every information is worth writing as much as not every information is worth reading. There is an old saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” It gets at the heart of one of the most important concepts in knowledge sharing: information cost. The information cost of something is simply what you…

Pressurized Emotion

With scientific and technological advancements, we have benefited from the concept of pressurization. The benefit cuts across pressurized containers such as the foot ball played on a football pitch to a passenger airplane flying up in the sky. As beneficial as the concept of pressurization is, it can be destructive when not used with caution….

Quest for Face to Mind

What is in a face? Is it how we look or what comes from inside out? It is often said that “looks can be deceptive” or that someone is “double faced”. How many of us will want to put on an ugly mask or how many of us will want to be identified with an…