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Business Seduction

The word seduction conveys the idea of lewd intent projected by a seductress. The concept of seduction can be applied to business. Some businesses have thrived on outright lewd seduction. Think of new model car, real estate, household appliances, etc… Read More ›


The word positure is not in the dictionary but it's my coinage of two words ergonomically placed as they are the concept behind the science of ergonomics. The two words are position and posture. Every tools, materials and accessories are… Read More ›

Steps in Life

What makes your step in life worth the while?Check if the below is true of every step you’ve taking in life: S – STABILITY (gain mastery of your steps)T – TENACITY (keep up with the steps despite the odds) E… Read More ›

Wedding Anniversary

Today marks an additional year to the year we got married. Think of the number of anniversaries we’ve had from the first year we got married. Is it 5, 10, 15, etc. Our love for each other will take us… Read More ›