Soap Opera

Indemnity  S02E12

 **[Inspectors on conference call to Mr. Barakat and Anniel Barakat in South Africa]**  Inspector Francis: *[The call is picked up]* Good day sir, is this Mr. Barakat? Oscar: Yes, this is Mr. Barakat speaking. May I know whom I’m… Read More ›

Indemnity  S02E11

Inspector Francis: Doctor Princewill, thanks for your cooperation, giving clear answers to our interrogations. Just a question on my mind. What is your relationship with Mrs. Barakat? Doctor Princewill: I’m the family doctor for five years now.  Inspector Kola: Apart… Read More ›

Indemnity S02E10

**[The police inspectors identified themselves to the nurse at the hospital reception.]** Nurse 2: Please inspectors, the doctor you seek has not resumed yet.  Bimpe: *[Soliloquy]* So they were telling the truth or would they also lie to the inspectors. … Read More ›