Soap Opera

Indemnity  S02E07

**[Jane place a call through to Anniel in SA]**  Jane: *[Anniel picked up her call]* Anniel dear, how are you today? Anniel: My day was very busy with lectures unending. How are you too mum? Are you not feeling lonely… Read More ›

Indemnity  S02E06

**[Mr & Mrs. Badro, Mrs. Barakat and, Mimi all left the hospital. Mimi’s home]**  Mimi: Big brother Africa, you won’t believe the braking news. Tinu abandoned her newly born at the hospital and not a soul know her whereabout. Phil:… Read More ›

Indemnity  S02E05

Jane: *[Calls Mimi who is still in her trans soliloquy yet she didn’t hear until the third call]* Mimi, Mimi, Mimi are you alright? Mimi: *[As if out of a trans]* Oh sorry ma. I was just overtaken by my… Read More ›

Indemnity S02E04

**[At the hospital. Mrs. Bimpe Badro is already in the doctor’s office with Mrs. Jane Barakat seated.]**  Doctor Princewill: *[Beckons at Mrs. Bimpe Badro to have her seat.]* Madam please have your seat.    Jane: Thank you  Doctor Prince: I’m… Read More ›

Indemnity S02E03

**[Tinu wake quite early the next at the hospital, took her birth breastfeed the baby and lay the baby to sleep]** Tinu: *[Soliloquizing]* Rest my dear little one. I nurture you on my apron of motherhood, I hold the memory… Read More ›

Indemnity S02E02

**[At the hospital the nurses are analyzing the likely reason Tinu is having a baby that is foreign]**  Nurse 1: When the baby came out I thought I mistakenly entered the wrong delivery room. You should have seen the looks… Read More ›

Indemnity S02E01

**[Four days later. Port harcourt Nigeria]** **[Tinu is rushed to the Baraka’s family hospital. Tinu’s labor pain is becoming more frequent and intense]** Doctor Princewill: *[Walk over to Mrs. Barakat]* Mrs. Barakat, the nurses will be taking her to the… Read More ›

Indemnity – Complete Season 1

Indemnit Complete Season One A g3media production Script by: Daniel Tuodeinye  Copyright 2016 {CAST OF CHARACTERS – In Order of Appearance} Mimi Doniye: Anniel Barakat: Tinu Badro: Duru (Man 1): National senior colleague of of Wyatt Wyatt: A senior… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E17

  **[Cape Town, South Africa]** **[The Barakak’s back home after the welcome party]** Anniel: Dad, thanks for putting this party in place in honor of me. I enjoy every bit of it. Mr. Winston is such a gentle elderly man. … Read More ›

Indemnity S01E16

**[Nigeria, Port-Harcourt]** **[The Badro family are getting the home ready for Tinu’s return.]** Jimmy: *[Approach his wife in the room prepared for Tinu]* Please tell me, do you think Tinu is so offended at my driving her out that she… Read More ›