Soap Opera

Indemnity S01E15

**[International Airport, Cape Town South Africa. Anniel and her mother came through immigration to the arrival lounge. Oscar was already waiting]** Oscar: *[With a broad smile and outstretched arms]* My girls, good to have you herewith me. *[Reachout to Anniel… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E14

  **[Its Anniel’s send-forth party. Choice music is rolling out from the music system. Some of the guest are dancing while others are chatting and looking at the paintings on the wall of the living room. Jane, Anniel’s mother is… Read More ›

The eyes of the gods

 Copyright 1996:  BBC Playwriting Competition   Script by: Daniel Tuodeinye CAST OF CHARACTER Wasiu Salami: Husband and father. Yielding to his wife’s pressure and insistence on traditional values.  Sheye Salami: Wife and mother. Firm and resolute. Self imposing. Overly protective… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E13

  **[Its Wednesday, the day of Anniel’s send-forth party, the day Anniel leaves to South Africa. Tinu is cut between her heavy pregnant state and assisting with tidying up the home for the party as she is almost at her… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E12

  **[After speaking with her father, Tinu is emotionally confused. The secret plan, her father pleading she returns back home. Anniel and Mimi at this moment are at their wits end.]** Tinu: *[End phone call. Yet in a tearful tune]*… Read More ›

Indemnity  S01E11

  **[Mimi returned to join Tinu in the room]** Tinu: *[Sitting up straight]* Let me guess. Anniel was with your brother, right?  Mimi: *[Sitting amazed]* How did you guess correctly? Something most have been going on at my back that… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E10

**[Anniel and Tinu quickly cared for the morning chores, took breakfast and headed to Mimi’s home who is already in anticipation of their arrival. While on their way, Anniel put a call through to Mimi notifying her that they are… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E09

  **[Tinu’s mother find a way of giving back her husband’s honor as he walked back to the house visibly upset.]** Mother: *[With an endearing smile]* Oloori mi *[Nigeria Yoruba dialet]* My head, you are angry. Father: *[Not wanting to… Read More ›

Indemnity S01E08

  **[Its day break the following day. Anniel’s mother came over to Anniel’s room to check on Tinu]** Mother: *[Sits beside Tinu on the big bed]* Tinu, how are you this morning?   Tinu: *[Yawning and talking]* Good morning ma…. Read More ›